Why You Should Choose Your 2018 “Word of the Year”

Welcome to 2018, everyone!

If you’ve scrolled through your social media feeds, or picked up any form of news this week, you likely have come across the words and phrases, “new year, new you”, “resolutions”, “goals”, or “I swear, this will be the year I XYZ (diet, lose weight, work out more, etc.)”.  Personally, I’ve never paid much mind to the grand entry of a new year. I’d been in school for many years, and so January 1st usually just signaled the middle of my Christmas break, rather than a pivotal time to reassess my life path. Last year was my first New Years as a working adult, but to be honest, I had just gotten married and started a new job that I loved so life was pretty great, why resolve to change it?

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Where It All Begins

Thanks for joining me at Club Nutritious- where food and nutrition meet a healthy dose of fun! I hope you will stop in from time to time to catch up on the latest nutrition news, excite your senses with seasonal recipes, and learn a thing or two about how we all fit in to this tangled web we call our food system.