Why You Should Choose Your 2018 “Word of the Year”

Welcome to 2018, everyone!

If you’ve scrolled through your social media feeds, or picked up any form of news this week, you likely have come across the words and phrases, “new year, new you”, “resolutions”, “goals”, or “I swear, this will be the year I XYZ (diet, lose weight, work out more, etc.)”.  Personally, I’ve never paid much mind to the grand entry of a new year. I’d been in school for many years, and so January 1st usually just signaled the middle of my Christmas break, rather than a pivotal time to reassess my life path. Last year was my first New Years as a working adult, but to be honest, I had just gotten married and started a new job that I loved so life was pretty great, why resolve to change it?

This year feels a bit different though. This year, I do have goals I want to accomplish- some short term, some long- but, to me those are mostly externally focused. Aside from putting in the hours to reach certain milestones, I felt like I needed to put time in to “Casey” and set a more personal-focused goal too.  That’s when I decided to choose my “word” for 2018.

This idea to choose a “Word of the Year” came from Lauren Harris-Pincus, a rockstar dietitian in the NYC/NJ area with whom I recently crossed paths with in a Twitter chat for nutrition entrepreneurs. She only briefly mentioned this concept, but I just fell in love with it as the wheels of my mind were turning with 2018 plans and goals.

To me, having a single word as your mantra so to speak feels empowering and gives me a quality to infuse into everything I do, whether it’s one of my goals, or simply a daily action.  We may stumble on our path to achieving a goal due to obstacles beyond our control, but our mindset and outlook along the jounrey are firmly within our own grasp. I know it’s easy to beat ourselves up when we miss the mark on an external goal, but staying true to your “word”, which reflects something more personal about you, is always something you are capable of doing and working towards on your own terms and at your own pace. For this year, I decided it was time to find a word.

Ok, are you ready for my word of the year?
My word for 2018 is:


So whether it’s running a marathon, starting my own business, trying a new approach with my clients, or creating a new recipe, I will strive to be more confident in my pursuits, or at least exude more confidence on the outside :)

Need a few ideas for a word? Here’s a few to get you thinking:

Present     Calm     Flexible     Balanced     Fearless     Humble     Active     Honest     Creative    Strong

Join me in choosing your 2018 Word of the Year, and share it with me below- I’d love to hear it!




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