Updates from the desk of Mrs. Casey Luber, MS RDN

It’s been five years of dating the most wonderful man, three years of studying macronutrient metabolism and designing lesson plans for nutrition and gardening programs, and one year spent working (for free) at a hospital, clinic, and community nutrition sites, but I wouldn’t trade that journey for anything because today I can happily introduce myself as Mrs. Casey Luber (almost Seiden), MS RDN!

Finishing my graduate program at Teachers College felt like a huge accomplishment and I am so thankful for the top-rate education that I received there. I know being a TC grad with pay in dividends when I enter the professional field because everyone knows TC nutrition grads are pretty much da coolest fruit and veggies nerds around :)


However, once we moved those tassels from left to right (or is it right to left?) I knew I couldn’t celebrate quite yet and still needed to be in buckle down mode as I had two months of the dietetic internship to finish up in order to meet to requirements to sit for the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Exam. So, yada yada yada…basically those last two months of the internship were a blur- but still educational and fun- as I was already gearing up to study for the exam and had my plate stacked to the ceiling with wedding planning. But finish we did, and I was happy to graduate from the internship with a fabulous group of #almostRDs.


Aaaand then finally, after three and a half weeks of non-stop studying and never letting my Jean Inman study guide out of my sight, I sat for the RD exam. For two hours I sweat it out, questioning my answer to all 125 baloney questions that didn’t exactly test what I’d gone to school for or worked for free for, until the moment when “Congratulations!” appeared on the test computer screen, letting me know I was an official Registered Dietitian!


With the RD exam behind me and a job prospect looking very sunny, I enjoyed the last few weeks of wedding planning and time with my fiance. On September 24th, we celebrated our marriage with family and friends on the most perfect of days at Bear Mountain in the Hudson Valley. I could have lived in the moments of that day forever, and we can’t thank everyone enough for the love and support we felt.


Two days later we hopped on a plane to LAX Hawaii for our honeymoon adventure. My husband knows how to plan a mean trip and we got to experience everything from helicopter rides to five star dining during our two weeks. It was a dream vacation!

So, what’s a married, almost-employed RD to do now? Well, I’ve got lots up my sleeve and plan on letting you in on all of it right here. I know I’ve let blogging fall by the wayside in the past, but I know that it’s something I enjoy doing and friends and family enjoy reading, so I’m hoping to stay more connected to it from now on. Also, I am looking forward to this blog becoming a part of my professional RD persona, once I figure out exactly what that is, which I hope this blog will help reveal!

Stay tuned for my recommendations of food and active fun from Hawaii, recipes I’ve been tinkering with while being fun-employed, and how my new job is shaping up. Mahalo!



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