La Dolce Vita

For the past two weeks I have indeed been living “the sweet life” while traveling around Italy with Danny. From Venice to Sorrento, with Tuscany and Rome in between, we embraced all that this magnificent country had to offer us and did not leave disappointed, or hungry! Now that we are back home, I finally have some time to digest- literally and figuratively- all that we saw, sipped, and savored on our journey.

My grandmother was a voracious traveller and kept impressive notes during her trips, which not only made for cherished keepsakes, but served as a reminder to remember every detail of such special experiences. So, I scribbled down names and notes at the end of every day for the sake of my memory and hers. Over the next few posts I’ll translate my notes into a mini travel guide for what we think is worth seeing, skipping, and savoring in Italy should you plan to visit (and you should!). And even if you’re not planning your own Italian adventure you can still enjoy the photos and journaling of our scenic and scrumptious journey.

One last thing! When I think of Italy, eating, and enjoyment I often think of the first section of the book Eat, Pray, Love and so thought I’d leave you with this clip from the movie. While not every meal blew us away, so so many of them did feel like this scene, with a happy, lively aria playing in the background as we indulged without guilt. Allora, andiamo! So, let’s go!


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