Savory Oatmeal

Breakfast was a struggle for me growing up. I never seemed to be in the mood for anything in the morning- nothing sweet like cereal, and defintely not a big, hot breakfast of eggs and toast. Some mornings all my mom could do was force me to eat graham crackers and milk, or leftover dinner.

Luckily, I have outgrown my dislike of breakfast and it’s often the first thing I crave in the morning. I even dream about what I’m going to make sometimes. With my lax schedule of thesis writing, gardening, interning, and babysitting (trust me, that is relatively lax for me) I get to enjoy my breakfast on my own time and I’ve really gotten creative with it.

Lately I’ve been turning an old classic on its head. Move aside apple cinnamon and say hello to savory oatmeal. Not a fan of lots of sugar and fruit in the morning like I am? Prepare your oats using veggies, herbs, and of course, an egg on top for a new twist on an old classic.

Here are two versions of savory oatmeal that I’ve had this week. The combinations are endless!

Mexican Oatmeal


I prepared my multigrain quick cooking oats in the normal way, then topped them with a fried egg, diced red onion, avocado, and hot sauce. Muy caliente!

Maple Bacon Oatmeal

IMG_1253Okay, so this one is savory and sweet, but I couldn’t resist. Multigrain oats with chopped bacon, a poached egg, and a drizzle of maple syrup. Perfect to enjoy during this morning’s snow fall.

Oatmeal is a fantastic, fiber-filled breakfast and clearly makes a great vessel for almost anything. Try topping your oats with sauteed mushrooms and sage. Or caramelized leeks with shredded cheddar. A little tomato sauce, crispy proscuitto, and parmesan would be heavenly.

How do you like your oats?


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