Cucumber Infused Vodka


Last week was Farmers’ Market Week! I can’t appreciate my farmers enough. If it weren’t for their hard work and love and dedication to food I wouldn’t have my groceries, my job, my beliefs, or my passion. I live to taste their beautiful tomato varieties, to discuss the best way to prepare daikon radishes, and to support their work by encouraging others to purchase at local farmers’ market.  What’s good for the farmers is what’s good for us! To really celebrate some of the farmers I work alongside every week I decided to pour- or in this case, make- a drink in their honor.


I’d been eating quick pickled cucumbers all week and wanted to stretch their goodness a little further. After pickling comes…alcohol? At least it does in my house. I decided to infuse these wonderful slicer cucumbers into some vodka, in the off chance my partner and I want to indulge in an after work cocktail.


Preparing this libation couldn’t be any easier. Peel, slice, pour and wait! Whilst I waited for the cucs to lend their flavor to the vodka, I started looking up what drinks to make with my creation. Cucumbers are so light and refreshing and scream “summertime” so I instantly thought about pairing it with watermelon. Turns out this is a pretty popular cocktail. Instead of just adding the cucumber vodka to watermelon juice why not make a watermelon simple syrup and then top the drink off with some tonic for a light fizz! Or I thought, bloody marys are usually served with a celery stalk for some crisp, pepperiness, why not substitute regular vodka for cucumber vodka to lighten things up a bit? I’m not a big fan of bloody marrys, so I may just stick to the fruitier creations.





After 48 hours sitting on my wine bar, the cucumbers were ready to be strained. The once green slices had turned white, leaving behind a light green hue for the vodka. And I promise, the cucumbers do not soak up as much of the precious vodka as you would think. So go ahead and drink up, but don’t forget to thank your farmer first!


 Cucumber Infused Vodka

  • 1 medium slicer cucumber- peeled, de-seeded, and sliced
  • 375 ml vodka of your choice
  • Combine prepared cucumbers and vodka in jar/bottle. Let sit for 48 hours, then strain, and chill until ready to enjoy!

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